Celebrating Little Big Moments at Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside

Life is truly precious. And if the last year-plus has taught us anything, it’s that every moment is worth celebrating — no matter how small. So if you’ve been looking for a reason to treat yourself to a bit of a break from the madness, we can help. Here at Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside, we would love to welcome you to our exceptional seaside escape and help you celebrate life’s little victories. 

Here are just some of the fun and unique reasons why you should plan your next visit!


Any given calendar year has countless holidays. However, your birthday is just for you. Why not commemorate your special day by treating yourself to a getaway? Holiday Inn Bayside offers sumptuous comfort, easy access to outdoor activities (like fishing, biking, and beaches), close proximity to clubs and nightlife, delicious dining, and even in-room massage services to make your day a special one. So whether it’s a golden birthday, a milestone, or even a “death to my 20s” dirty 30, there’s no better place to celebrate than with us.

Graduation/End of School Year

Maybe that diploma is in hand. Or your finals have been turned in. Or it’s just “no more pencils, no more books” time for the kids. In any case, another school year is behind us, and it’s time to celebrate the summertime. When you make your way here, you’ll discover no end of great ways to do so. We’re near fantastic family attractions like SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego Zoo, and our famous beaches. Plus, kids under 12 stay and eat free! So what better way to kick back?

Romantic Escapes

There’s no wrong way to celebrate love. Marking an anniversary? Our plush guest rooms are always ready to welcome you and your partner for dreamy nights and leisurely mornings. Taking a honeymoon? Cozy walks on the beach are just steps away. Even if it’s just a “monthiversary,” make it special by relaxing on the beach and watching the sunset. While you’re here, enjoy delicious dining and refreshing cocktails at our own Point Loma Café. Whether you’ve been a couple for moments, months, years, or decades, you’ll always find even more to love here.


You’ve put in your time, and the books have been closed on your career. Celebrate your newfound freedom by unwinding at our oceanside refuge! Now that you’re not putting in those nose-to-grindstone hours, you can enjoy a lot more downtime. And thanks to our enviable location just steps from the water, amenities like in-room spa treatments, on-site dining, and bay-view rooms, the kickoff to your permanent vacation will be one to remember.  

Vaccination Vacation

The Centers for Disease Control has announced that any American that’s two weeks past their second vaccination (or their first and only, if it’s a single-dose shot) can safely be in public without a mask. This is great news! It means that immunization efforts have reached high enough levels that normalcy is beginning to return. So what better way to celebrate than to treat yourself to a getaway with us? Lounge poolside with your favorite beverage, take a dip in the pool, and enjoy a meal out. Those of us who have been immunized can now enjoy these simple pleasures once again without worry. 

Any Reason at All

Any reason is a great reason to celebrate sunshine, summer, and all the best things life has to offer. So why not find a reason of your own to commemorate an occasion with the people you love? If you’re starting a new job, we’ll host you during the gap days between your going-away party and welcome lunch. Did your best friend just move back to town? Welcome them with a fun-packed stay. Even if it’s just a normal Tuesday and you’re celebrating the beauty of life, we’ll let you do it in style. Truly, any time is a good time to plan an escape. Any season, any reason, Holiday Inn Bayside can help make any moment a memorable moment. Stop by our Special Rates and Packages page to choose the offer that’s right for you, and we’ll see you soon!