Dreams of Holiday Inn Are on the Horizon

California dreamin’ — it’s a thing. And it has been since long before that song was a big hit that drew countless people to our coasts in search of our relaxed way of life. 

Honestly, it’s not hard to see why we’ve been a dreamed-of destination for so long. Everything you’ve heard about the Golden State’s perfect weather, endless beaches, and laid-back vibe is 100% accurate. And since we’re lucky enough to live here and experience it all the time? We more than understand why so many visitors flock to our shores every year. 

Have you been dreaming of a SoCal escape? Even though travel is a little difficult right now, the situation is steadily improving. So when you’re ready to get away, here are some great reasons why San Diego is the destination for you.

Perfect Weather

By far, the biggest reason to dream about San Diego is our flawless climate. No matter what time of year you’re here, it’s nothing short of gorgeous outside. Our average yearly temperature is almost always somewhere between 70°-90°F. So getting some fresh air and sunshine is always an option. And as another famous radio hit goes, “It Never Rains in Southern California.” While that’s not entirely accurate, it is true that San Diego only sees an average of 38 days of precipitation per year.

Spectacular Sunshine 

Looking for a little natural Vitamin D? San Diego has just what the doctor ordered. Our coastal climate always delivers plenty of sunshine, regardless of when you visit. In any given year, San Diego offers her visitors and residents a whopping 266 sunny days per year, placing us well above the national average. So if your travel dreams include shades and suntan lotion, then San Diego really needs to be on your short list. 

Endless Beaches

There’s a reason so many California dreams prominently feature lots of beach time. Our endless coasts and fantastic beaches are one of our biggest draws — which is really saying something, given just how much we have to offer. San Diego is particularly lucky when it comes to beaches, as well. Our famous inland bays mean that we have lots more beach frontage to offer than it might first appear. So you’re always close to some sun, sand, and surf.

Delicious Dreams

If you’re hungry for a memorable food scene, then variety is ALWAYS on the menu here. Our melting-pot culture means that no matter which country of origin produces your favorite cuisine, you’ll find stellar examples of it locally. Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, Mediterranean, Indian, traditional American fare, and everything in between — you’ll find it all here. Our proximity to the ocean means fresh-caught seafood is never hard to come by, either. And since San Diego hugs our southern border, we can also lay claim to the best Mexican cooking in America. Bon appétit!

Welcome to the Neighborhood

San Diego is widely known as “America’s Finest City.” And a big part of what makes it so great is its fantastic collection of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character. So no matter what sort of scene you’re dreaming about, we’ve got you. Looking for a little lively nightlife? The Gaslamp Quarter has got your order. Barrio Logan is home to incredible art, music, and unbeatable food. Old Town is all about the curiosity shopping, Ocean Beach is a sea of tie-dye and funky hole-in-the-wall boutiques, and Little Italy is a cultural experience that’s not to be missed. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t champion our own backyard of Point Loma, where you’ll find the Cabrillo National Monument, panoramic ocean views, and scenic tide pools. You simply can’t make a bad choice for local flavor here.

Sweet Dreams

Daydreams are one thing, but the dreams that come from a deep, restful night’s sleep are on another level. So when you’re ready to take the leap into a dreamy destination and explore everything San Diego has to offer, then Holiday Inn Bayside San Diego is ready to help you drift off to dreamland in comfort and style. Our hotel features spacious, comfortable accommodations, amazing amenities, and exclusive special offers will help you enjoy a memorable stay.

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