Experience San Diego’s Extreme Sailing Series

Fast paced and endlessly exciting, Extreme Sailing is the nontraditional water sport that has taken the sailing community by storm. Made up of 40-foot catamarans with 25 foot sails, teams of 5-6 race these carbon fiber boats at breakneck sail speeds, pushing 35-40 knots. Teams must work together to master the delicate sails against high wind speeds and waves, often having to narrowly escape collision with a racing opponent. The most exciting part of the sport is watching teams expertly maneuver around each other. Abiding by the legal rules of the sport, teams are allowed to sabotage each other when passing race checkpoints, often coming in close contact with an opposing teams sails.

About the event

The race will take place just off of Harbor Island, and will feature a difficult course through the bay, making teams from all over the world use their technical sailing skills to maneuver the course and beat their opponents. There will be a race village open to the public during the event, where you can learn more about the sport, participate in family activities, hang out in the beer gardens, and more!