Five Reasons Why the Holidays Are Better in San Diego

There’s certainly something to be said for a white Christmas. A fresh blanket of snow can definitely make the world look fresh and calm. 

Even so, we’ve long been proponents of spending the holidays in a place where “cooling your heels” means dipping them in the surf during a beach walk — not stepping in a cold, melted puddle on the floor after you take your boots off from shoveling the driveway.

If you’ve been thinking about heading to SoCal this holiday season, here are some reasons why we think that’s a fantastic decision.  

The Weather Is Pretty Nice Around Here

We know that San Diegans mention our perfect weather a lot. But if you lived somewhere that enjoyed an average yearly temperature of about 75°F, you’d probably talk it up quite a bit, as well. Even in the months where other parts of the country are fighting frostbite, San Diego enjoys an average daytime high in the mid-60s. So you won’t need to pack a coat when you head here for the holidays.

It’s Better at the Beach

Be honest — if given the choice between sitting in front of a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa, or sitting in front of gently lapping waves with a bottle of cocoa butter, who would really opt for the former? San Diego’s world-renowned beaches may have fewer swimmers, divers, and surfers when the water cools down a bit, but the sunsets, sand, and serenity are no less spectacular. Right here is some holiday cheer we can get behind. 

Snow? No.

The only way most San Diegans ever know it’s winter is by checking the calendar. “America’s Finest City” has only recorded measurable snowfall a scant five times since the meteorological community started keeping track of things like that — 125 years ago. And the last time we had any measurable snowfall was 1967. So your white Christmas in San Diego won’t be a snowy one. You’re more than welcome to dig your toes into some white sand, however.

Lots to Do

No matter what time of year it is, there’s always plenty to do in San Diego. Families love the shows and animal adventures at SeaWorld. Balboa Park is home to fantastic green space, spectacular wildlife-watching, and 17 world-class museums. The San Diego Zoo is also a crowd-pleaser that’s open year-’round. Liberty Station is brimming with fantastic holiday specials, displays, and events. All are just minutes from us, and they all pull out the stops when it comes to being extra-festive during the holiday season. Not to mention all of the spirited holiday goings-on you can only experience during the holidays, like the Enchanted Village holiday lights display, Balboa Park’s Taste of December Nights, or Holidays In Your Car in Del Mar.

Celebrate With Us

If an escape to Southern California sounds like a gift, Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside offers some enticing getaway packages that can really help make the decision to spend your holiday season in San Diego an irresistible one. Join us for a yuletide break, say “no thanks” to seasonal stress, and kick back. Grab a drink at the Bayside Bar and a bite at our own Point Loma Café, where Chef José Sanchez plates the classics with flair. You really can’t go wrong with treating yourself to some year-end stress relief here.