Our Favorite Local San Diego Pizza Spots

While it’s true that there aren’t many things everyone can agree on, “pizza is delicious” might be one of the least controversial claims a person could make. Even saying the word “pizza” can make your mouth water — especially if it’s been awhile since you indulged. And although quibbling over toppings can occasionally be contentious, all is forgotten as soon as that hot, delectable pie arrives and everyone digs in. Have a void in your life that only an extra large (with extra cheese!) can satisfy? Here are our top picks for the best pizza in San Diego.

Pizza Nova (0.2 miles away)

(Photo: @pizzanovasandiego)

Our neighbors at Pizza Nova have been serving supremely scrumptious Italian food since 1990. Their always-fresh fare includes favorites like fried calamari, an exceptional bolognese (made with wagyu beef) and an extensive wine and beer taps list. But you’re here for the pizza, which never disappoints. Whether you go traditional with the Italian Sausage & Onion or Margherita, or get feisty and opt for Gorgonzola Pear (pictured above) or the eponymous goat cheese and salmon Pizza Nova, you won’t be able to beat the flavors — or the bay views. The best part? You also won’t break a sweat walking there from here at Holiday Inn.   

5050 N Harbor Dr, San Diego CA, 92106


Oggi’s Brewhouse & Pizza (0.5 miles away)

(Photo: @oggispizza)

Oggi’s has a timeless sports-bar atmosphere, so it’s a great spot to catch a Padres game while you check out the menu. And what a menu it is! First, since nothing goes better with pizza than beer, Oggi’s offers a deep and ever-rotating selection of craft microbrews, all created right on-site. Once you’ve got your pint or pitcher, the hard part begins: deciding which of their pizzas you’ll try. If specialty pies like the Blackened Shrimp, Adobo Chicken and Brussels Sprout aren’t your style, you can always build your own from a list of available toppings so lengthy your head will spin. Either way, you really can’t go wrong.    

2562 Laning Rd, San Diego CA, 92106


Pummarò Pizzeria & Ristorante Italiano (0.7 miles away)

(Photo: @pummaropizzeria)

Pizza’s deep Italian roots are on full display at this unassuming Point Loma favorite. Traditional Neapolitan pizza is the focus here thanks to time-tested techniques and authentic ingredients employed by Naples-born Chef Alberto. However, it’s not just the chef and the ingredients that are Italian in origin. In order to absolutely guarantee the bona fide quality of every pie, the wood-burning pizza oven itself was also shipped from Naples. In short — you won’t find a more classically continental pizza anywhere. At least, not without your passport.     

1101 Scott St, San Diego, CA 92106


Officine Buona Forchetta (1.9 miles away)

(Photo: @officinebuonaforchetta)

This family-friendly treasure in nearby Liberty Station offers an enticing mix of no-compromises quality and a casually approachable atmosphere. If you’ve never had an award-winning pizza, you’re about to. Pizza World Champion Chef Marcello Avitabile’s hand-crafted menu is packed full of winners. Guests are welcome to enjoy these blue-ribbon masterpieces either in the dining room, or on one of two generous outdoor patios. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, feel free to partake of your pie in a vintage Fiat that’s been converted to a table for two. Mangia!

2865 Sims Rd, San Diego, CA 92106


Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria (4.8 miles away)

(Photo: @leftyschicagopizzeria)

The timeless battle between the respective styles of two of the country’s biggest pizza towns — namely, New York and Chicago — will likely never be resolved. The devotées of each school are simply too convinced that theirs is the superior pie. Feel like sampling each, and picking a side? Then your experimentation starts at Lefty’s. Their recipes faithfully recreate the Windy City’s signature pizza — a so-deep-you-could-swim-in-it feast of rich marinara, chewy crust and cheese thicker than a sout’ side accent. Even if you’re not feeling pizza, other Chicago specialties like the legendary Italian Beef Sandwich, or a “dragged through the garden” all-beef Chicago-style hot dog will keep you coming back.

4030 Goldfinch St, San Diego, CA


Bronx Pizza (5.2 miles away)

(Photo: @bronx.pizza)

If your Windy City vs. Big Apple face-off opens at Lefty’s, then your next step is Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest — which recently placed as one of the top ten pizza spots in the country according to Yelp. For the uninitiated: while a Chicago pizza is a plant-your-day-around-it, sit-down sort of affair, the classic New York slice is thin-crust grab-and-go perfection. An authentic New York slice is the perfect “street food”, since (in contrast to the weighty Chicago wedge) it’s designed to be picked up, folded in on itself, and eaten while moving. Bronx Pizza embraces the ethic and the style of the New York pizza, offering a full menu of the sort of cracker-crusted, generously-topped and frankly massive pies that anyone who’s spent time in any of the five boroughs can taste the moment they lay eyes on it.       

111 Washington St, San Diego CA, 92103 


Pizza Kaiju (9.7 miles away)

(Photo: @pizzakaijusd)

Some pizza restaurants adhere rigidly to tradition — using only a select number of authentic, old-country ingredients. Others opt to stick to a certain regional style, and work to perfect it according to the accepted guidelines. And then there’s Pizza Kaiju, an irreverent joint so unconventional that their entire approach can roughly be summed up as, “Does it taste good? Then let’s do it.” Maybe you’re in the mood for an Aporkalypse pie, collapsing under the weight of pork belly, sausage, pepperoni and (of course) bacon. If not, then maybe you’re into the Baked Potato, a spud-based slice with green onion, cheddar, and black garlic miso. No? Then how about a Wonton Don with crispy fried wonton Strips, cream cheese and sweet chili Sauce? One thing’s for sure: no matter which you pick, it’s a flavor combo you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.   

41 E 8th St, National City, CA 91950


Point Loma Café (just steps away!)

(Photo: @holidayinnbayside)

Guests at Holiday Inn Bayside never have to travel far when those pizza cravings hit. Our on-site eatery Point Loma Café is more than happy to fill the pizza-shaped hole in your soul anytime you’d like to stop by. Our signature flatbreads are made to order from fresh-daily ingredients, and served hot. Whether you’re in the mood for a timeless Margherita (with garlic aioli, heirloom tomatoes and basil chiffonade), our BBQ Chicken (featuring shredded chicken, cilantro and caramelized onion) or the Lobster & Smoked Gouda (loaded with butter-poached lobster, spicy marinara and roasted yellow peppers), we’ve got you covered in grand fashion. 

4875 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92106 


Holiday Inn Bayside is Your Pizza HQ

Hungry yet? When you’re ready to check out all of the palate-pleasing pies San Diego has to offer, we’re ready to offer you a fantastic place to stay. Take a look at our Special Offers page at Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside and get the best rates for your culinary adventure.