How Well Do You Know San Diego?

At Holiday Inn Bayside San Diego, we love where we live. San Diego’s oft-invoked nickname is “America’s Finest City,” and we think that’s pretty accurate.

So what makes San Diego so special? We’re glad you asked! We’ve put together a pop quiz covering the reasons we adore our hometown. If you’d like to learn more about some of San Diego’s top attractions, fascinating facts, and more, then put your thinking cap on and get ready for the questions! The answers are located below — no cheating!

1. How Old Is San Diego? 

California may have been one of the last American states to join the Union, which didn’t occur until 1850. But many of California’s cities date back much further than that. In what year was San Diego first founded?


  • 1542
  • 1625
  • 1776


2. Beaches, Beaches Everywhere

San Diego is well-known for its spectacular and scenic beaches. How many beaches in total are located in San Diego County?


  • 19
  • 31
  • 47


3. Beautiful Balboa Park

Balboa Park is one of San Diego’s crown jewels, a lushly breathtaking 1,200-acre green space within the city that incorporates gorgeous landscaping, public art, restaurants, and picnic areas. It’s also known as San Diego’s museum center, with a collection of fascinating exhibit halls to visit. How many museums can visitors explore in Balboa Park?


  • 8
  • 12
  • 17


4. Famous Friends

Which of these famous folks is from San Diego?


  • Children’s author Theodore “Dr. Seuss” Geisel
  • Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk
  • Polio vaccine creator Dr. Jonas Salk
  • All of the above


5. Superhero Central

San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest annual events in San Diego, drawing visitors from all over the world to celebrate comics, superheroes, movies, video games, and all aspects of geek culture. How many people attended the most recent convention, in 2019?


  • 94,000
  • 135,000
  • 167,000


6. Ahoy, There

San Diego and the U.S. Navy have a longstanding symbiotic relationship. True or False: The United States Navy is considered to be San Diego’s largest single employer? 


  1. A

San Diego is widely considered to be California’s oldest city, with Spanish settlements founded by Juan Rodriguez Castillo first appearing in 1542. San Diego was eventually chartered as a city in 1769, though the native Kumeyaay people were known to have inhabited the area for centuries before that.

  1. B

According to the official count by the San Diego Tourism Council, San Diego County is home to 31 spectacular beaches. Our beaches range from majestic sandstone cliff faces perfect for watching sunsets to scuba and snorkeling hot spots to calm oases of tranquility perfect for bonfires and picnics.  

  1. C

Balboa Park is home to an impressive 17 museums, including enlightening stops like the Fleet Science Center, San Diego Air & Space Museum, San Diego Art Institute, and San Diego History Center. The world-renowned San Diego Zoo — though not technically a museum and therefore not included in the official count — can also be found here.

  1. D

All three are from San Diego, and the city is overwhelmingly proud of them! UC San Diego’s Geisel Library is named for “Dr. Seuss,” and visitors are greeted by a nearly eight-foot sculpture of his most famous creation, “The Cat in the Hat.” Every May 29th, San Diego observes “Tony Hawk Day” in honor of the pioneer skateboarder. And Dr. Salk is remembered all over the city, including at Jonas Salk Elementary School, in Maddox Park.

  1. B

Estimates for SDCC 2019, the most recent year that had physical attendance available, placed the number at approximately 135,000 attendees. That’s a lot of costumes, a lot of comics, and a lot of fun! San Diego Comic-Con is poised to return in 2021, with the event scheduled to kick off on July 22nd.

  1. True.

At any given time, San Diego is home to roughly 100,000 active-duty Navy service members. And thanks to the rich maritime history of the city, the number is often much higher. Naval Base San Diego — which covers 1,600 acres in San Diego Bay near Coronado Island — serves as the principal port of the Pacific fleet. The base houses 46 Navy craft, plus Coast Guard vessels, research ships, floating platforms, and more. San Diego’s sailors, officers, and auxiliary are celebrated every year at San Diego Fleet Week, a massive event that includes regattas, fireworks, food, and live music.

One thing’s for sure — No matter how you look at it, San Diego is an incredible place with endless amounts of beauty and adventures to discover. What will you find on your visit?