San Diego Restaurants Offering Amazing Takeout

There’s no denying it — times are tough right now. We’re all pulling together, even if we’re doing it separately. But even in the midst of all of the madness, there are still bright spots to be found — especially on the foodie front. So if you’re fed up with NOT being fed up, then check out our guide to local favorite restaurants that are very much still open for business. Hit up these excellent eateries for delivery or takeout, and indulge in a little culinary comfort.

Point Loma Café (adjacent to the hotel)

Regardless of your craving, our very own Point Loma Café is the place to go for good food, served deliciously. Chef José Sanchez has put his personal touch on everything from our famous build-your-own omelettes, to timeless fish & chips, to top sirloin, broiled to perfection.

Surf Side Deli (0.9 miles away)

As a popular beachgoers’ spot for scrumptious sandwiches and salads for more than 15 years, Surf Side Deli is ready to hand-craft all of your lunch counter favorites. Large portions and fresh ingredients elevate everything on the menu to epic status. Surf’s up, and so’s your order.

Fig Tree Café (1 mile away)

If breakfast is your jam, then get ready to be jelly of Fig Tree Café’s expansive morning menu. It’s chock-full of everything from amazing omelets, to French toast, to breakfast burritos, and even an impressive range of vegan offerings. They’ll gladly take care of your lunch, too.

Solare Ristorante (1.2 miles away)

There is perhaps no more quintessential takeout fare than a classic pizza. Solare has all the pie you could possibly eat in quarantine, and then some. More in the mood for pasta, soups, or salads? They’ve got you covered there, too. No matter what authentic Italian classic you’re craving, you’ll find it on their lengthy menu.

Sundara (2.4 miles away)

Once you become an aficionado of Indian cuisine, there’s often nothing else that will do. Thankfully, Sundara is making sure San Diegans don’t have to go without. Snack on Samosas, tuck into some Tikka Masala, or binge on Biryani here. Don’t forget a side of fresh-baked naan!

Nico’s Mexican Food (2.7 miles away)

Take an informal poll of your closest friends — chances are, Mexican food is what they’re craving the most right about now. Good thing Nico’s has everything your heart could desire. Tacos, burritos, chimichangas, enchiladas … you name it, they’ve got it. ¡Muy deliciosa!

55 Thai Kitchen (5.8 miles from the hotel)

There are few global cuisines that are more colorful, flavorful, or downright delicious than Thai. So if you’ve been craving a curry, or have a taste for Tom Yum, then give the fine folks at 55 Thai a buzz. They’re cooking up all your savory faves, hot, fresh, and as tasty as ever.