The Best Outdoor Sports in San Diego

Fresh air, sunshine, and perfect temperatures — there’s just something about the consistently mild and inviting conditions in San Diego that beckons the intrepid into the great outdoors in search of adventure.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of derring-do out there to satisfy even the most dedicated thrillseeker. In addition to the spectacular weather, the greatly varied landscape of our corner of the world offers the bold just about any experience they could possibly be looking for.

Still have a few elusive escapades to cross off of your bucket list? Here are some great ways to scratch the itch.


Want to skydive in San Diego? We don’t blame you. When it comes to getting in an adrenaline fix, there are very few activities that can compare to hurling yourself out of a perfectly good airplane with nil but a swatch of silk to slow your descent. And whether you’re an experienced chutist or you’ve just always had the desire to give it a go, Skydive San Diego has your back — literally. Their licensed, experienced instructors will happily strap in and tandem jump with you if you’ve never taken a solo plunge. Of course, if you’re a seasoned jumper, you’re covered there, too. So get out, get up, and take a leap of faith.



Be honest — you’ve always wanted to try it. And right here is the perfect place to give it a go. When you’re ready to join the ranks of the daredevils, head over to San Diego Parasailing Adventures. Their crew of parasailing pros will get you up to speed, then get you up in the air. Not only is parasailing in San Diego safe, fun, and an amazing experience, but it’s great for back-home bragging rights. Not to mention that the view is fantastic from up there in the sky!

Rock Climbing

Scaling a sheer cliff face is definitely not an undertaking that’s for the inexperienced or squeamish. Regardless, San Diego’s varied terrain offers plenty of opportunities for the “because it was there” crowd to dig out their ropes, rigging, and carabiners. The Mountain Project is a great resource for rock climbing near San Diego, with regular updates on weather conditions and recommended routes. Hit them up when you’re ready to rock out.   


There might be more efficient ways to get from point A to point B than ziplining, but there aren’t many that are more fun. For the uninitiated, ziplining involves securing yourself in a harness, attaching your support to a high-tension angled cable, and traversing a mid-air gap via the power of gravity. San Diego has lots of places to go zipping, but La Jolla Zip Zoom Ziplining is among the best. Their experienced guides will have you zipping in zero time!



Kayaking is a fun, safe, and easy-to-learn hobby for just about anyone. Even better, the slim, compact body of a kayak is the absolute perfect way to explore the rockier areas of San Diego’s coastline. Disco Paddle Surf offers rentals of kayaks, as well as paddleboards, hydrobikes, and more human-powered watercraft, all perfect for exploring. When you go, expect stunning views of both the natural formations and the local sea life!


Heading out for a hike is a quintessentially Southern California thing to do. Not only is it great exercise, but the scenery is always spectacular. Nowhere is that more true than at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. This stunning 1,750-acre area is crisscrossed with hiking trails spanning several tiers of difficulty levels, and takes hikers through some of the most beautiful landscape (and ocean views) the area has to offer. Don’t miss seeing the rare, eponymous Torrey Pine, a tree so uncommon it grows in only one other spot in the world.