The Best San Diego Fishing Charters

Anglers rejoice: the waters just off our coastline are considered a must-visit for fisher-folks from all over — and for good reason. The sea is brimming with fish, so grabbing some tackle and bringing in a trophy is a pretty straightforward prospect. Still, if you’re looking for a serious advantage, “America’s Finest City” is home to a wide variety of fishing experiences; all led by experienced sailors helming ships tricked out for a near-guaranteed big haul. The best part? Many are headquartered just a few blocks from our front door! Start your search for the best San Diego fishing charters right here. Then head out and go land a big one!

Fisherman’s Landing (0.4 miles away)

(Photo: @diariesofamastersushichef)

The skippers at Fisherman’s Landing have been delivering top-notch fishing experiences to San Diego residents and visitors alike for more than 50 years. In that time, they’ve delivered half-, full-, and multi-day trips to more than 100,000 fishers who have pulled in countless catches. No matter the trek you seek, Fisherman’s Landing can deliver it.   

2838 Garrison St, San Diego, CA, 92106


Pacific Dawn Sportfishing (0.4 miles away)

(Photo: @pacificdawn_sportfishing)

Fish from the deck of a 59′ boat that can accommodate up to 24 passengers. Pacific Dawn’s craft features custom, air-conditioned bunks, a full galley, two restrooms (including showers) and a friendly, experienced crew. You won’t head back empty-handed with this crew. 

2838 Garrison St, San Diego, CA, 92106


Point Loma Sportfishing (0.5 miles away)


(Photo: @pointlomasportfishing)

Point Loma and its fleet of ships focuses on larger species like bluefin and yellowtail. Every type of charter imaginable is available from this multifaceted outlet, from afternoon jaunts, to adventures of two weeks or more. If you’re serious about your catch, the captains and crews at Point Loma can take you to spots overflowing with trophies. 

1403 Scott Street, San Diego, CA. USA 92106 


H&M Landing (0.5 miles away)

(Photo: @hmlanding_since1935)

H&M has been hauling in huge catches since 1935. In addition to offering a variety of charters, H&M also has a bait and tackle shop right on-site in case you’re venturing out on your own. They also specialize in family sportfishing trips, so if you’ve got younger fisher-folks who want to get in a good day on the water, this is the place to call.

2803 Emerson St, San Diego, CA 92106


San Diego Sportfishing (0.5 miles away)

It’s tough to go wrong with this long-running charter service. San Diego Sportfishing operates a fleet of specialty craft out of America’s Cup Harbor, and is well-known for hauling back boat after boat full of yellowtail, tuna, rockfish, bonito, calico bass, sand bass, sculpin, barracuda and many more.    

1403 Scott St, San Diego, CA 92106


Captain Clowers Charters (2.6 miles away)

(Photo: @captainclowers)

Want to book an experienced charter service that offers year-round trips to San Diego Bay, Mission Bay, La Jolla, and Point Loma? Captain Clowers is a fantastic choice. Hop aboard and get ready to haul in haul in tuna, dorado, marlin, wahoo and big bluefin.  

1880 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101


Seaforth Landing (4.4 miles away)

(Photo: @seaforthlanding)

Seaforth’s fleet of more than a dozen comfortable craft have a well-earned reputation for pulling their limits every time out. No matter which trek you opt for, you’ll be coming back with a haul you’ll be proud of. Check the online fish counts at their website to see what you can look forward to, then book your trip while they’re still biting.  

1717 Quivira Rd, San Diego, CA 92109 


El Gato Sportfishing (4.4 miles away)

(Photo: @el_gato_charters_inc)

El Gato makes use of high-tech fish-spotting gear to locate the biggest schools of fish. High-capacity fuel tanks aboard mean extended charters are available for groups of up to six. Bluefin, bonito, rockfish, yellowtail and many more are out there just waiting for you when you book your adventure with the pros at El Gato.  

1717 Quivira Road, San Diego, CA 92109


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