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Kaboo Del Mar Festival

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Kaboo Del Mar Festival

From Friday, September 13, 2019 to Sunday, September 15, 2019 September 13, 2019 September 15, 2019 Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside

KAABOO® is three days of fun, packed full with memories and it has all of the makings of a comfortable event. We have plenty of shade and seating, all restrooms are clean with flushable toilets (no porta-potties), and there is no dirt, dust or mud to fight through just to have a good time.

Enjoy the world-class music, hilarious comedy, incredible cuisine, craft libations, inspiring contemporary art, and personal indulgences. Get ready for this journey of discovery!


Are you looking for the ultimate KAABOO experience? KAABOO's HANG FIVE and HANG TEN Programs elevate your already impressive experience to an unimagined level.


A KAABOO guest can expect artisanal fare that's way more tasteful than at a typical music festival. Palate represents the most upscale culinary environment of our "mix-perience."


Enjoy a variety of contemporary public art installations by internationally known mural artists, some in place when you arrive and others created live onsite during the event. Also, take a stroll through our indoor contemporary art fair.


Sometimes you're not ready to shut it down. Stay for Encore, KAABOO's late-night dance party. Encore is reserved for guests 18 years and older.


Bask in our sandy beach area that offers premium cabanas and day passes available. Enjoy a direct stage view with a pool and an exclusive bar. Bask requires an additional pass that can be purchased on the KAABOO website.


Indulgences is an indoor spa and relaxation zone. Enjoy a massage, blow-dry bar and more, along with an exciting boutique shopping experience.

Posh Nosh

Try Posh Nosh, our upscale food plaza that offers healthy, flavorful fare in a shaded area with plentiful seating.

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